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Hi All, I know I have been a stranger for a long while, and most would already know that I stopped doing mods and repairs except for those that really wasn't rushed. My other interests have taken me away from the mods and because I got so many repairs that had hot melt glue all over the detectors that literally took hours to remove I decided it wasn't worth the effort. I know that this leaves you very little choice in where to go but to be quite honest with the release of the newer GPX detectors and the good old 4500 I really don't see much point in modding any more. I personally would only mod as a very last resort if you can't afford a second hand 4500. Anyway you are welcome to still contact me in case I can help you as you never know when I might be able to do a quick mod here or there.

Another important advice is that I am moving this site in the next few days so it may be down for a while, I like to keep it open for all of those that like to read the old information and I don't mind paying every year to keep it running. I would also like to know if anyone would like to take over the running of the site, I mean someone that would like to try and keep it up to date with news and forum information? Preferably in Perth or WA but not a requirement. I will still be o hand also. So in reality another moderator.

Anyway, I will try and keep in touch but I am quite involved in other things at the moment so my free time is pretty well non-existant!! Happy prospecting and the best of luck.... I didn't even get one day detecting this year, hopefully next..

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