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Sakina Technologies began in 1989 with the aim of producing products that would outperform and out price similar systems worldwide. Initially we did R&D for many companies including telemetry systems and satellite tracking for large companies such as Western Mining, Woodside Petroleum, Honeywell & Rothmans. After this we branched into South East Asia and did R&D for the Indonesian Government with Emergency roadside systems, Security for Indonesian Strategic Intelligence Agency, High Security Laser Fax Systems and Frequency Agile Communication Systems. In Malaysia we did Network installations for the Malaysian Government and Vehicle Tracking Systems.

So as you can see we have done it all. Now I alone run the business and have kept the quality of our products up to date with newer, better technology. I started my Electronics career as a Weapons Electrical Engineer in the Royal Navy back it the late 60's keeping the then Polaris Missiles flying. Now I live the quiet life with modifying, repairing and using detectors. I still do Computer consulting but much prefer our detecting hobby.

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