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Hi All, I wish to apologise to all those that have sent me and asked me questions over the last 6 weeks.

As some of you know I have moved back to Perth and sold my House in Dally. All this culminated into an on running disaster for me.... First finding a rental in Perth was a nightmare and then I had to accept the first thing that came along. To that end I had to build a workshop!! That is completed but due to the lack of Air Con and being extremely hot this has slowed my work load tremendously only being able to function in the cooler times and at night. To add to that Xmas and New Year Holidays, plus after getting back to the big smoke my internet has slowed, I have lost the phone and internet 3 times for more that a day at a time and 3 days once! Had 3 power failures and the list just goes on and on and on.... This all in the first 2 weeks and I have only been here 3.5 now! Really made a mistake leaving the bush!!

Anyway I hope to get on top of everything in the next week, so if all stays calm I will be back in full shortly.

Also I know this is belated but was beyond my control, I wish everyone a Belated Merry Xmas and hope that you all have a very prosperous and healthy New Year.


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