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Well, after a lot of changing and farting around the wireless battery system is now available. Photos updated with new labels 08 Feb 2010...

Below are photos of the finished product and all I have to do is print the remaining labels and manuals. These will be available in the next couple of days. I have a busy year ahead so I am unsure when the next batch will be available so if you want to purchase get in quick as I only have approximately 28 that haven't been pre-ordered. I will be posting the manuals for the system hopefully tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out.

I plan to go into a new business of environmental systems such as complete home self-sufficiency like power, water generation plus desalination and perma-culture. If I get a chance mods will still be done but no guarantees that it will stay like that. Having said that ALL mods and accessories sold or done will still have my guarantee.

Anyway I will let everyone know of those developments when nearing fruition. Here are the Battery photos:

Battery and Charger

Charging Ports

Receiver Amplifier Bracket

Control side and power indicator

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