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Regulator Comparisons

After all the recent comments on the AZO forum I decided to add some information on the regulators available currently and what performance you can expect.

Probably the number one thought is "do these systems help"? The quick answer is "yes". On the whole all the systems (if set at the same voltage levels) would make your detector perform EXACTLY the same. 6.9V is 6.9V! No matter whether you used SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) or Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). ALL will perform exactly the same. The benefits are attributed to only 2 aspects, weight & duration in the field. So even though Jonathan Porter in the AZO forum posts under New Years Nugget and Lithion Ion gives the impression that the RPS Li-Ion system makes your detector better and finds gold for you, don't be fooled. The RPS battery is definitely the best available as far as weight goes but that is it's only real advantage. Even though the RPS Li-Ion lasts up to 8 hours per day, manufactures recommend that you do use Li-Ion (or any battery system for that matter) until it is completely discharged (Flat). This will decrease its life expectancy considerably. SLA, NiCad, Ni-Mh & Li-Ion should never be completely flat. As an example Coiltek's System should be used until the battery (not the output as with all systems) reads around 11.5 as with our system also. Although you could take them down to around 11.2V in my opinion this would decrease the battery life considerably. RPS system when tested goes down to 8.3V and should really be recharged when it is at 10V (or 9.6V to be more accurate) To run it until it is flat (7.5 - 8hrs) is quite drastic in it's life expectancy. With all systems the better scenario is to RECHARGE at lunchtime for at least half - one hour.

Performance wise with the exception of our system ALL will perform exactly the same as far as detector performance goes. Our system will give you a slight edge with GP's being able to adjust the voltage to the detectors peak performance level. With SD detectors it will blow all other systems away for depth performance.

Put simply consider this, does your car run better with a high quality battery or a cheap one? It performs exactly the same, the only difference is how long they will last but it definitely does not make your car perform any better.

Below is a comparison chart of the features and costs of the systems currently available
Battery Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart

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