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How to chest mount your SD Detector

ChestMount SD
Chest Mounted 2200

How to Chest Mount a SD by Digger Bob


Ok, here’s a quick and dirty way to chest mount your box.

First is a list of what you’ll need:
  • A hunk of leather or heavy nylon or canvas that measures exactly 19” by 5”
  • 6 inches length of 1 ½ inch wide Velcro
  • About 2 ft. of 1” wide nylon strapping.
  • A set of 1” D rings and snaps
  • A pair of 1” “Alligator” type clips
  • Access to a heavy duty sewing machine, preferably provided by your local leather shop, shoe repair, or upholstery shop.

Take your hunk of leather and sew your Velcro to the bottom edges. Now you can wrap it around your box and secure it. Mark on the top where your strap and “D” rings should go and sew them on. Turn it around and mark on the back where the other strap should go. Cut two slits about 2 inches long and about 3 ½ inches apart. You can run your back strap through here or you can use this slot to run a belt through so it can be hip mounted.

Refer to the photos for enlightenment.

Now is the time for personal modifications. Mounting it to your body can be done in several ways. But to save time, I’ll show you how I did it.

Again, refer to the photos. All my gear is in balance weight-wise and the weight is borne on my shoulders and hips rather than my arms. The suspenders and belt distribute it.

Sew the remaining nylon straps and D ring clips to the front of the suspenders. You can add those things that adjust the length if you want. Clip the top of your box to the suspender clips and attach the alligator clips on the back to your suspenders. This keeps the box from moving when you bend over to dig.

With the battery mounted directly in back to the belt, run the power cable up and over your shoulder and hold it in place with a couple of Velcro strips. This brings it right to the box and you just unscrew it when you take all the gear off.

I don’t usually use headphones except when it is windy or otherwise noisy. That white box is a Radio Shack amplifier / speaker. Bring your headphone cable up and over the other shoulder and plug it in. Or just plug in your headphones like usual and let the cord hang to get caught on brush and yanked off your head.

And no, I do not have any problems with the coil picking up the box except when I bend down to dig. I have more problems with it picking up the digging pick. A note to some… If you are using and older model SD and you are over 6’ tall, the coil cable will be not quite long enough to reach under brush and take long swings. The Coiltek loops are like this too. You may have to get an extension cable from Doc. The newer GPs for some reason have a longer cable on them. This is with the stock loops. Longer cable Coiltek loops can be special ordered in mono only.

Ok, that’s all there is to it. Keep referring to the pictures. They should help explain all.

Happy Trails,
Digger Bob

This article as you can see was by Digger Bob and is on the Yank-Aussie Forum
http://www.findmall.com/metal/prospect/config.pl?noframes;read=6127Click Here to see original article
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