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Important Decision concerning GPOZ

12 years 2 months ago #1943 by Ismael
Important Decision concerning GPOZ was created by Ismael
Sorry to all, I have let my emotions get carried away and brought them here. As of this post I have closed the GPOZ area and the messages contained in there. I feel that these threads have really become too personal and has no place on this site. The only messages left here are those that were here before the vendetta started and my reply to the post on GP's. By doing this I am not in any way, shape or form agreeing with Marshall or saying he is right. Just doing it to keep this site purely for detecting and prospecting as was its design.

I realised that this vendetta is not in the interest of the prospecting community and therefore has no place here. I will no longer also reply to posts here on GPOZ and if and when my suspension is lifted then I will reply on that site and if pertinent or I feel that you will benefit by the thread, I will post a link from here for those that can view (members of GPOZ) can see or get permission to post here.

Again I apologise to the members of this site for bringing this forum down to the gutter level.

Regards Ismael

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12 years 2 months ago #1944 by SGTFDA
Replied by SGTFDA on topic Important Decision concerning GPOZ
In my book you are tops in the mod business. Don't let that crap get to you! I'm proud to have one of your personal units and brag about that 2000 every chance I get. Can't wait until you fix it up with your new VCO mod. Your the man and don't forget it.

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