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Mod Prices

12 years 2 months ago #1921 by Ismael
Mod Prices was created by Ismael
I keep getting asked about the prices for the mods we perform and their price so I thought it appropriate that I actually post them in plain view rather than pointing to different posts or articles. These prices are current as of October 2009:

SD2000 with GPM, VCO, GB gain $475

SD2100 with GPM and 2 extra frequencies $275

2200 with GPM Gain, 1 extra frequencies and 2 extra timings mod $275

GP Series mods, 2 Extra Frequency Extra Timing and Enhanced smooth mode mod $275

Contact me for individual mods. Any SD2000 with GPM mods contact me for a cheaper price.

All prices do not include postage

Regards Ismael

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