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Hi All, sorry for the lack of updates and replies but see above article for details!!

Okay this is the first of the units (prototype if you like). The release version will be the same except it will have slide switches and not toggle (Maybe!!). I have tested the unit thoroughly even to point of doing heat stress tests on the system and it has passed with flying colors! IT ran my detector for a straight 10 hours and I then disconnected it and recharged the batteries which takes me no longer than 90 minutes. This charged the battery to the full 8A. The receiver box takes 45-55 minutes (I have to charge that at no more than 1A).

The first 3 photos below show the 3 units, Main Transmitter and Detector power battery box, the Receiver box and the Charger. I have no labels or stickers on the boxes as yet but will when I finish the production run.

The following photo is of the Battery Charger. This is not only a Battery Charger but a complete battery managment system. It is fully programmable and has a storage mode setting for Lithium Batteries which will ensure that the batteries will be well maintained when the batteries are in storage through the months you are not detecting.

The charger as you can see on the front has the ability to charge most well known chemistries of batteries, Li-Ion, LiPo, LiFe, NiMH, Nicad and SLA/Lead Acid. I will try and post the Manual for this when I have time but will put the info in the Lithium Forum.

The next 2 photos show the WBS (Wireless Battery System) connected to the detector.

I will be posting more info soon I hope, all I am waiting for are the local suppliers to send the last of the manufacturing components then I can get them assembled and start selling. I am hoping that the first sales will be before the end of January or the early part of Feb, That's 2010!!!

Keep a check on the forum for any updates and other info as I have time.


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