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Been a long time since anything has been up and coming with the newer mods we have been playing around with so thought it was time to post an article of the very best mods now for the SD2000. These are as follows...

The Power Side of the Detector:

The mods on this consist of really one additional mod but to explain it easier I have put the arrows to show what each perform and how they work.

A is a 6 position multiple function switch that controls power on (position 1 or off) plus 4 Fixed frequencies (2 original and 2 extra, 1=2.0Mhz, 2=2.07Mhz, 3=2.45Mhz and 4=3.0Mhz) The last position 5 is the VCO (or Variable Frequencies). This puts the detector in the VCO Mode and functions in conjunction with B (variable control knob) and C (frequency range switch) controls. When you put the detector into VCO mode you use the switch C to select which operating frequencies desired. The UP position of this switch selects a range from 2.8Mhz to 3.2Mhz and the Down position selects 0.9Mhz (900Khz) to 1.3Mhz. The features are obvious in that you can select a quiet frequency and eliminate noise, plus the low frequecy will give unparalled depth on large nuggets that no other detector that I know of can reach. When in the High frequency position (UP) you will find that 2.8Mhz is an extremely sensitive and stable position far better in my opinion than 3Mhz or above. When we tested 2200's that run on a frequency of around 2.4Mhz at 2.8Mhz they ran a lot better. I was told a long time back by Paul of the original Prospectors Patch, that when he used to mod the detectors at first he used a 2.8Mhz crystal and found it worked better than 3.0Mhz by miles, but due to availability (or lack of) he settled on 3.0Mhz as they were easier and cheaper to obtain. All in all I have found that the VCO frequencies definately run better than any fixed crystal system and the ONLY reason for leaving the fixed crystal mod is for a back up incase anything goes wrong with the VCO (VERY unlikely)!

Coil Side Mods:

Two new additions to this are switch A and knob B controls. Obviously the 2 at the top are the GPM mod and need no explanation. The 2 additions are A - Smooth and sensitive mode. I personally have not tested this but people that have it say that it definately made the detector smoother and more sensitive. Up is OFF or Standard and Down is Smooth mode on. The next control is one that I found indispensible in highly mineralised ground. This gives you more balance control particularly for Channel 2. When you run out of balance on Channel 2 you move this knob clockwise just a little until you have the balance. I found the easiest way to do this was to balance as far as you can with the normal balance pot until you reach the limit and Ch2 is still not balanced, turn Ch2 back say 1/2 to 1 turn and then very carefully use the adjustment knob B to get the balance right. I found that the most I ever turned this control was around 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn and the detector was balanced. Fine tuning should be done with the normal balance control knob if needed that is why we turn it back a little.

All of these mods are 100% efficient and are the best you can get unlike others that sound similar.  We have put a lot of time developing the best we can do now that we have the circuits and back the mods with our reputation. I have had quite a few of so-called special mods that have appeared this year as the customers were less than satisfied with the claims that were made. We do more internal changes that increase sensitivity, sharpen and smoothing the audio response of the detector and do it properly. To do the complete range of mods including those above and more information on the gains please feel free to contact me via email or phone (phone preferred and I can return calls to landlines at a cost of $0).

As I get the time I will post a manual on the use of these mods for people to download.

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