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Today we went to the AuQuest GD1000 Demonstration, mostly apart from my mate Allan, myself and Berndt (Reeds Prospecting Supply), were coin hunters. The demo was in a patch of laterite which was quite noisy ground. Targets were pre-buried by Gerald (One of the designers). The demo included Berndt using the GP3500 to establish how that machine picked up the targets compared with the GD1000. The GP was quite unstable on the ground picking up the mineralisation and unable to balance it out. However, it did find all the targets with a good response. Both detectors using a 14"DD coil. Most impressive was the GD1000 run without any external noise completely quiet until it went over the targets. After the official demonstration Gerald allowed others to touch and feel the unit. My mate Allan started to see how it went from a user point of view.

He found it simple to use and soon got the hang of the simple controls. We tested it on a 1gm nugget and it found it obviously easily as did the GP3500, we then tried it with a <.1gm nugget (maybe 0.06gm) which the GD1000 found, however the GP3500 could barely hear it and in my opinion couldn't hear  it and the noise was the ground noise not the target as the same response from the GP even with the nugget removed! 




 Gerald is doing a test next week in Kalgoorlie where a larger variety of MD will be there and also larger targets for a depth comparison. 

Now what do I think? Overall it seems a good detector, I didn't like the target response as it was too "tight" I like to have a little more of a tail on the signal. I also did not like the quietness of the unit. NOW remember this is my preference and not a problem with the detector, it is just that I like to hear the ground noise rather than no sound until over a target. One reason for this is until verified we don't know if it will hear those targets that are very weak or just a slight change in threshold, also as the sound is fairly limited (I mean clipped at a volume level) you will not know whether it is rubbish or gold. One disconcerting thing was when we went over a coke can, sure the detector heard it from a foot away but I can see that being a bonus when near a fence line which would be great but makes me wonder how far it will detect? I mean I can hear a coke can from a lot further than a foot (more like 3!) but a coke can is aluminium and doesn't that sound like gold? 

Like the infinium and others we will not know the performance until it is out there in the field. For now I will wait before buying one. We didn't test our GPM's against it for 2 reasons, 1 none of us brought the 14" coil so any tests would not be an accurate reflection of performance and 2 we were quietly confident that we would perform as good as the GP3500 on that ground. When I tested (on arrival) with the 10" elliptical on the .06gm I could hear it far better than the GP or GD but admittedly I was using a smaller coil. 


Let's hope that someone from Kalgoorlie can give us a report. Gerald would not disclose who was conducting the test but said he is well known in the prospecting sector. If anyone would like to attend phone Gerald at AuQuest. 

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