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The auction site (mBay Auctions) is now online. At present it is not physically connected to this site so to that end when you want to sell you must register. Please check all the Help and Terms & Conditions  before using the site. Although it is mainly aimed for a secure place to sell nuggets and detecting goods you can sell whatever you want. Having said that I expect that anything sold will be a genuine item and be as described. Any items sold, like false nuggets, Detectors that don't work and whatever, then I will ban the seller immediately from mBay and if a user from this site I will ban them here also. I will also suggest that the buyer (or seller whatever the case may be) report the person(s) to the relevent authority and I will provide all details as necessary.  OKAY enough of that I just hope this never happens!!

So as usual with new things please report to me any problems you might encounter on mBay and also any wish lists. At the moment sellers pay a 2.5% fee on sales (obviously nothing if not sold) I would prefer to have a set fee but the code at present doesn't allow for it. I approcahed someone that had code to do that but he wanted 7 times what I paid for the auction software in the first place. If the auction becomes popular then I will purchase that item to make it better. Okay then please enjoy and good luck selling...

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