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As requested I have now put on a Chat System. To use it you must have Flash Capability in your Web browser. There are a few things to remember. To use it you must be a registered user, when you access it via the link on the left under main menu "FlashChat". A popup window will appear with a login screen. Once you log in you will be also logged in on the Site. So enjoy and let me know if you like it. I hope so seeings as I paid for it!

 Have Fun...


You may have noticed with the Chat system that STEVE was "CHATTING" when he wasn't? I have found a bug with the chat system. As it wasn't made exclusively for Mambo (this portal), when you decide to go out you MUST click the little red button icon on the top right of the chat window otherwise it keeps your session open. It makes it confusing when you try to log into it again and also misleads other users. No fault of Steve's by the way lucky he just closed it with the x otherwise we wouldn't know. I will try to contact the creator and have a logoff button put in it... I could do this as I have all the code but time is the problem....

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