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Hi Al, I am in the process of adding an Auction Site (like eBay) where those that want can sell their nuggets and basically anything else. I have been playing around with one on my own home server which seems quite good. It has quite a few good features similar to eBay. What I hope to do is seeing as I am not going out too often nowadays I might rewrite the whole Auction code to incorporate into the site as an integrated part of it. At the moment however it is seperate which means that for the users that want to sell anything on it you will have to register in the Auction as I cannot transfer the user base over as I don't have the details (such as address DOB etc) in the present user database. 

The main aims and goals of this site is to make a comprehensive communty where you can do just about anything, get info when required be it just general or technical. So as I have said before anything that you have to suggest, drop me a line and suggest it! 

Well that's all folks as the saying goes and enjoy.

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