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The forum is working here and with the exception of the images noted on the Sakina Article on closoing down that site, all images are here and working. For people that used GaryQ's method of uploading I have taken that off. Although it does still exist and can be used I would prefer if you followed the instructions I gave in the forum for using the forums own upload system. This makes it easier for me to manage in case of upgrading or backing up the site. Also for registered users you will notice that you have a link to upload images. This will take you to the Photo/Image gallery where you can upload images into the categories that exist. I will add more in due course. I will as soon as I figure how ad a link to view the galleries also.

 So enjoy the new site and also let me know what I have left out that you may want back. I am looking into different chat systems to incorporate for those that use it.

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