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ImageWell another year has passed us by and we are now in 2005. I hope that this year brings everyone prosperity and continued good  health. This year I hope to maintain an active profile on the site with more technical info and news on a more regular basis. I also hope that I can get around to producing more modifications to enhance our detectors. We did work on the 2100 and although it performs well it is a machine dependent mod that is quite hard to perform within an area (like my workshop) because of electrical interference and so far every 2100 has been different, also Ground Balance on Channel 2 suffers. So until we perfect the procedure we are not recommending modding the 2100 internally like the 2000. 

 Another point is that I strongly recommend you get hold of the Jonathan Porter DVD's and study them . They are quite good on explaining the detecting methods. I hope that all Minelab Dealers will include this DVD/Video when they sell a GPX or GP3000 as without it I feel the GP's are too finnicky to set up as we have constantly creamed them in the feild with the 2000GPM and after changing modes etc (generally a lengthy process) on the 3000 it can then compete. So the video is a requirement when owning or buying a 3000. 

In conclusion I hope that you all find this year to be YOUR year for finding the 'biggun'.

Happy & Prosperous New Year

Ismael .

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