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Image Well, I have finally seen the 2 (Videos) DVD's by JP and I must say they are great for you users of the GP machines. BUT they are also very informative and some of the techniques shown can be utilised on the SD's as well especially to those of us that know the SD/GP detectors differences. I really enjoyed it and my kids and wife more, especially in volume 2 seeing the sweating and labour that went into digging the 28oz nugget!! A nice nugget but a lot of digging. The video I had was not of good quality and suspect that the DVD would be better but still very good. I really recommend this DVD set. I liked the interview with Bruce Candy and didn't realise that he was so young! I was expecting an 'old cogger' type so I was very impressed with his abilities for someone so young. Of course he may just have had a good life (ha ha). It verified my knowledge of the detectors on how they all are basically the same and also inadvertently gave me some hints into possible modifications but that is MUCH later. It almost convinced me to go and buy a GP almost...

Anyway Jonathan, great job mate and keep them coming...

For those interested visit the link in the news item below on the DVD or see my Web Links area in the left menu.


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