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Image JP as you are all probably aware has he own site now selling his DVD's . I downloaded the Broadband Promo and found that it seems a worthwhile product. From what I saw it is probably more aimed at the 'Newbie' but from the promo you don't see it all and although quite good production wise you really don't get an idea of whether it is a video on gold detecting or a self-sell promotion of JP. Maybe when someone I know has a look at the video and can say whether it is instructional or just great entertainment I will do a better appraisal of it. In the new year I am considering doing a trip out with some proffessional prospectors who have been detecting and mining for countless years and will produce a DVD that is more instructional than what I saw. BUT that is a maybe, as I always plan to go out but business keeps me tied up.  

Back to the JP DVD, I think that it is probably still an item that has it's place in our 'arsenal' just like the GG&T Magazine and other books. On that note, Well done JP.

Here is the link and it is also on the web links page: 

Aurum Australis



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