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Hi All, after a long absence and a lot of requests I am producing the Little Ripper Wireless Battery System again. I have redesigned the battery from the ground up and I hope that you like the changes. Below is a photo of the new batteries.

The major differences are obviously the case and layout. Apart from those differences it sports a totally new amplifier and a simpler operation. The batteries are made for GPX or SD/GP only, what I mean by this is that they no longer have a switch for the different voltage system of the detectors. This makes it easier to use and when ordering you must specify what detector they are for, I have also upgraded them to be totally 100% compatible with the GPX machines.. The Amplifier / Receiver box only has one control which controls the On/Off and Volume. As this is a knob you can no longer accidently turn it on when packing or putting away for the night. I changed this because it happened to me one day! I travelled 20kms on my Quad to an area only to find the receiver was on overnight and had gone flat! It cost me a few hours and 60kms of travel! Also the receiver box is more energy efficient and should nearly double the time of the previous receiver which was 10 hours. The whole system iwill easily last for 10 hours of straight detecting and a charge time of less than 3.5 hours for both batteries combined! The price is also more than competitive for existing battery systems and remember this is TOTALLY wireless, not like some that call their system wireless but you have the headphone plugged into the battery on the side of the detector or those that force you to use a speaker, also attached to the side of the detector. Not exactly where you want it. The Little Ripper has no sound delay whatsoever, it is not bluetooth but dedicated wireless. I haven\\\\\\\'t updated the manual yet but will do so shortly and you will be able to download it to see how it is used. The batteries should be available for delivery next week. Please be sure to place an order before the first batch is sold out. For those that have been waiting for me to remake please contact me if you still want the battery.

Price is $390 including postage.

Feel free to contact me if you want any other information.

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