The new season is getting close and for those that want the best out of their detectors we have 3 mods that can be done to the GP Series. The 3 or so mods are:

1. Frequency control to gain more sensitivity.
2. Speed up of processing the signals such as ground balancing and signal response
3. Finally a new set of timings that give a large increase to sensitivity and depth.

Number 2 was implemented by woodyfrankston and does work reasonably well. Number 1 and 2 are mods that we performed a few years back but made sure they functioned properly before releasing. As with all the mods the detectors can be returned to standard unlike others that mod the detectors and all have been thouroughly tested. I am a firm believer of any detector mods performed that standard mode is not an option but mandatory. The last thing anyone wants is to go a 1000km to find out the detector is unusable. The mods consist of 3 extra switches which are either on or off . The price for all 3 mods is a low $375. Mods can also be  purchased as individual mods for $135 each. Another mod that can be performed will quieten  and smoothen threshold on GP Extremes and GP3000. This  does make the detector quieter with a very insignificant loss of sensitivity but in conjunction with the other mods the detector still will outperform a non modded GP by a lot.  Check out the Download area for instruction notes that I will be posting in the next day or so.