I've added some new forum areas and taken off the direct link from the Forum menu item to go the area lists. These areas are for mods and announcements rather than clutter up the front page with new announcements. Although if it is important enough I will still postthem here but maybe just add a " go see ????  forum for an update". Also remember that if you have something that you want to add in news or other news areas once logged in you have the abilty to put in news items and once I start the "Newsletter / Magazine" area this will be a great help and addition if you want to post your own articles rather than just use the forum. Anyway this is up to you as it is your site. Keep a look out for when I implement the Newsletter as when it is started and online if you don't want to receive it then there will be a way of unsubscribing in your profile.

Okay then get to it. Also if you want to start posting articles for the Newsletter now then by all means do so in the Newsletter Area.