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Okay after a few hiccups the photo album is back online with some good features, such as zooming areas of a photo, a pop-up rather than inline photo's and an item named Lightbox which is like a shopping cart addition except you mark the photos you want and can download them in a zip archive. That is of course if you feel inclined to do that?? Cool

Also if this works I have video links such as the following (click on the titles):


{mgmediabot}images/stories/video/bushvsbush.flv|true(                Bush Vs Bush debate)|320|260{/mgmediabot} 

  (ALSO B4 I get flamed for the content remember that this is a US Program)

Here's another for those with Gold Fever! (Thanks to Channel 7 Australia)


{mgmediabot}images/stories/video/gold_h.flv|true(                Gold Fever!)|320|260{/mgmediabot} 


 Hope you enjoy! 



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