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Battery Comparison

11 years 1 week ago #2144 by Ismael
Battery Comparison was created by Ismael
As promised here are the battery comparisons of my 3 year old LiPo 7.4V 8000mah battery and a brand new 7.4V 6600mah Li Ion Camera battery.

As you can see the LiPo even after all these years is still better and lasts 9 hours. Of course people will say, yeah but it is 8000mah compared to 6600mah! This is true but if you study the time and voltage differences we can say the same LiPo will last longer as I was still at the same voltage level at the finish time after a full 9 hours which works out correct (8000mah / approx 900mah detector current) roughly 9 hours however the Li Ion actually did less than 6.6 hours and was in fact 5hr 15 minutes. I did not let the batteries get to the point of turning off by themselves as I was using a R/C cell voltage display which is not that accurate and I did not want the batteries to go below the 7.1V threshold as this will damage the batteries. That meter was inaccurate as the last voltage taken with the proper DMM was 7.28 and 7.23 respectively. Also the reason the voltage is low on the detector side (D-Volt) is because I used just a diode as the regulator. I prefer to use a LDO regulator which will keep the voltage at around 6.5 - 6.7V depending on LDO.

Running a GP or GPX would not be a real issue as they are regulated internally anyway but an SD would suffer from using this system. I would prefer that a SD runs a 11.1V battery so it can keep a regulated voltage of 7.3V or more otherwise the voltage will drop as above with just the diode regulation system and would be the same (worse in most cases) than running a SLA battery. The LiPo 7.4V 8000mah is just as light as the batteries woody sells on his website.

I have some other batteries that are coming before I make a final decision but will base it on the same as above. I do know that my 11.1V 8000mah battery lasts 2 days on my GP3500 but it weighs 500gms and is a little heavy to put on the detector box. I may go to a lower mah and do a similar test as the 11.1V will last 12-14 hours straight.

Oh the other consideration is that the standard Cam battery chargers only charge at 600mah and it does take 10 hours to charge the battery whereas the chargers I have with my LiPo's take around 4-5 hours to charge 8000mah!

Regards Ismael

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