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Unique wireless - Battery system.

11 years 1 week ago #2135 by Ismael
Unique wireless - Battery system. was created by Ismael
Hi All, I have finally developed a Lithium Battery system that will revolutionize the Detector accessories. This is a totally wireless system. That's right no wires, no audio delays and very light. I am finishing the final design and will be initially starting up with 50 units to see how they are received. I haven't 100% decided on the battery as yet because tests I have done with the CamCorder style batteries don't quite live up to expectations. I will add some results of the tests that I have performed and show you the results in the next day or so as the tests are still running. The packs that I bought a few years ago are still going strong but they are a little heavy to mount on the detector (11.1V weighs 500gms and the 7.2V weighs 380gms) A little heavier than the Cam batteries but they last a lot longer in both use and over time as they are LiPo and not Li Ion.

The system is unique and all design prototyping is finished. A few additions to be sorted but I would say the first systems for sale will be ready before mid November or sooner. I have approximately 1 week left to decide the final product features but here is what I think it will have:

Lithium Battery and charger (both DC and AC), Wireless Audio system with built in amplifier (you just add your headphones or speaker) a quick release system for attaching to detector. Obviously being wireless it's a 2 part system, one is the Battery and transmitter that attaches to the side of your detector and the second attaches to your harness (Audio Receiver/Audio Amp). The system is 2.4ghz and not FM. has 16+ channels and so far I can walk 50m away from the detector without any loss in audio. The channels make it so a bunch of you can be in the field and not interfere with each others audio reception and transmission. The total price is yet to be finalised but I would say it will be below AUD$300.

The wireless system has been specially manufactured for me and is tiny. Each module is around the size of a postage stamp! So it will fit in the battery compartment with ease and the one on the harness will be tiny (about the size of a small speaker or Detac Amplifier from trackline)

Let me know if you would like any other additions to it before I start production.

Oh BTW sorry for the inconvenience of making this forum area for registered users only just don't want to go completely public as yet.

Regards Ismael

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