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Test Updates

13 years 10 months ago #1332 by Ismael
Test Updates was created by Ismael
Hi All, as I promised I have tested the 7.4V battery and on my GPM at the lowest settings (more power drain) the battery was registering 7.3V after 11 hours of operation. This is pretty good for a battery that weighs in at 385gm!B) I haven't tested the 12V system yet but going by the 7.4V system it seems likely that it should last somewhere between 15 - 20 hours.:whistle: )

I will post more when I have finsihed testing.

Regards Ismael

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13 years 10 months ago #1349 by Ismael
Replied by Ismael on topic Test Updates
Okay after an initial test of the 11.1V batteries I was not overly impressed. The normal regulated system ran for around 9 hours before losing voltage enough to regulate properly. Changing the design made it a lot better and the second system ran for 11.5 hours before I decided to pull the plug due to getting close to the discharge state of the batteries. This I believe is all you would ever need in the field because I do not know of anyone that detects straight for more than 8-10 hours in a day. The one good thing about this new regulator is that it ran way past the standard linear regulator (LM350) and the voltage never wavered whereas the LM350 very slowly followed the battery voltage down until it no longer regulated properly. As an example the first test the first 9-9.5 hours the output was fairly stable at around 8.4V the Li Polymer battery was registering 11V then, by the end of the 10th hour the regulator output was at 7.3V and the LP battery was at 9V. With the new regulator (Not mentioning the type:evil: ) after at the 11th hour the LP was 10.36V but the output was still 8.4V full current! During the next half hour the LP dropped to 9.33V but reg output was still 8.4V. So as you can see even when the battery has almost reached the stage of cut off it was still regulating and providing full current to run the detector.

If you read one of the tech notes on the site you will also see that one of the methods to prolong the Li-Ion/Polymer batteries is for approximately every 30 charges allow the battery to completely discharge via the normal load at least once. So what you could do is leave the detector on and attached to the battery once every 30 charge cycles to discharge the battery. Fairly easy.

The 7.4V LP battery is pretty good also but I have not decided whether to try and regulate that as yet because I would have to step up the voltage then reduce it again. At the moment with it connected to the detector it drops after 11 hours from full (8.25V) to 7.3V. Will experiment a little.

Regards Ismael

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