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Battery Update..

13 years 11 months ago #1319 by Ismael
Battery Update.. was created by Ismael
Had a bit of a disaster the other day. Received a Cam Battery & charger to test out but after connecting to the detector the safety circuit shit itself!! So I will run a test without it but only one as I cannot recharge it safely without the board. I will make a safety circuit as soon as some IC's arrive.

Next I am getting some samples sent to me at the end of the month of 2 types, 1 x 7.2V and 1 x 11.1V both High capacity. They also include chargers. These are packs identical to RPS System (Reeds). I expect if all goes well I will be retailing these for between AUD$150 - $230 per system. One will be a direct pack (7.2V) for Those that just want a light battery to last all day, and the other a fully adjustable system the same as my DAE mod but including the battery.

I will keep you all informed.

Regards Ismael

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13 years 10 months ago #1352 by Gollum
Replied by Gollum on topic Battery Update..
Hey Ismael,

I built a Remote Control Rock Crawler with an infra-red wireless camera for exploring mines here in the Southern California deserts. I use 7.4V Lithium-Poly Batteries in it.

I decided, after some research here, to try them on my SD2000. The results were amazing!

I use three batteries connected in parallel (They actually test out at 7.6V ea). They are 2100mAH each, so, I have 6300mAH. Last Friday, I used them for about 5 hours without any voltage drop.

The first time I tried them out, I air tested a penny to about 30 inches. It was like I had a brand new detector. I have used this setup for about 6 months now, and have had zero problems.



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